Andrei, it is imperative you watch HUNTING HITLER series on Amazon Prime. It is documentary led by ex CIA Bob Baer, which uses a CIA computer/algorithm to go through all the recent declassified CIA, FBI, DIA, MI6, Mossad, etc., files, to find all the leads on where Hitler went just before his staged suicide. The documentary proves 1) ZERO evidence of Hitler's body, not even the skull the Russian's kept (which was tested and found to be a female skull), and 2) a CRAPLOAD of evidence that Hitler was in many parts of South America, planning the 4th Reich, with dozens and dozens of bunkers, retreats, weapons facilities, operations facilities, nuclear research facilities, etc. Each of these locations were loaded with proof that the Nazi's were in fact there, from 1945 onward, into the 50's 60' 70's 80's 90's, 2000's. Hitler died somewhere in that window (likely early to middle). Moreover, the evidence led them to a number of top Nazi's and their children, who go on video proving they are the children of the top Nazi's.

The evidence demands a circumstantial verdict: Hitler made it out of Germany.

Before I watched the documentary, I beleived the same thing you believe(d)... Hitler committed suicide. Now I believe he made it out, and lived for quite some years.